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  Gorgeous view from Carlin bridge





 Gorgeous view from Carlin bridge










     Eat More - Exercise Less             Look & Feel Amazing !








          Eggs Rule !





* Warning - The FDA is allowing    companies to rename Apartame  to a more appealing, user friendly  name. Be careful.. they are Very  decieving !  ( Ammino Sweet )


Tips, Tricks, & Tidbits !

     Hmmm, I know I probably shouldn't eat that cup cake !



                                             Bedtime Snacks ?

    Contrary to what most of us have been taught... A midnight snack  is a good way to promote                               more fat loss !!  Let's not get too excited though. This doesn't mean you can have a  slice of                               pizza or that red velvet cupcake on the kitchen counter that's been staring you down.

               This is the time where you want to have a good no sugar, no carb,                                                                       protein source. ( 3 ) of my Favorite choices are :  


                                  1.  Lean poultry.  Chicken or turkey  ( 3 - 4 oz. )

                                  2.  (2) hard boiled eggs ( whole )

                                  3.  Cottage cheese ( 1 - 1 1/2 servings )


    In addition to the avove mentioned, I've always found it helpful to make your dinner meal           a No Carb one as well.  For example, Chicken, fish, or lean meat with a vegetable or salad.           No rice, pasta, or potatoes.

               *  Try this for a few weeks and I am confident you will not only satisfy those late night                                              cravings... You will lose inches as well !


      *  This is one of my Favorite between meal snacks !                         They also have a version called ALT.  Both All Natural with No GMO's,                                                   Wheat,  Gluten, or Dairy.  Only about 3 or 4 ingredients. Dates, almonds,                                                walnuts, apples, ect.    Enjoy !




           * A little bit of Sun is Fun !  And Really good for you !

                 Nothing better for your mood than a little Sun induced Vitamin D                                    to raise your seretonin levels and keep you happy....Get out there !  


                                                   Bikram... Schmikram !

The old Jewish lady I lived next door to back in Jersey would say " Oye Vey "  if she knew there was a place where people paid Extra money to be more uncomfortable than need be because they Thought they were doing something super healthy for themselves.  That's whats going on all over the country to misinformed Hot yoga teachers & students.  Don't get me wrong...Yoga Rules and I am a student myself.  However, the human body is designed to release it's toxins through the liver, kidneys, and intestinal tract. Only1% of toxins are released through sweating! Alot of people are taking  these classes with the Cranked up Heat & Prices because they think it's healthier for them. Well... It's just not true !    You don't release toxins through sweat !


* Below are a couple of the hundreds of articles from top doctors, scientists, and                          industry  professionals, to help you get the clear picture on this topic.